Since most robberies take only one or two minutes to complete, it is quite important that you take the time to learn what you and your employees should do in the case of being robbed. The priority is always the safety of the employees and customers. You should cooperate completely and observe every detail of the situation.

If your store is robbed, remember:
·Do not resist, this is not the time for heroics.
·Keep it short; the sooner it is over, the better.
·Do give up the money demanded.
·Do not argue.
·Don’t overreact; don’t attempt to grab a weapon or call for help.
·Make every effort to remain calm. Set the example for the other employees.
·Do not make any sudden movements. Warn the robber of any noises that may surprise him (ex: the alarm on the stock room door or safe).
·Expect strong or foul language. Expect to be told to lie on the floor.
·Be alert. Try to remember details of the robber’s appearance, clothing, speech, etc.
·Keep any holdup note, but don’t allow people to handle it.
·If possible, watch the robber’s method and direction of escape.

After a robbery:
·Call the Police and Security (if available).
·Close off the area where the robbery took place.
·Write down everything you can recall and provide the Police with this  information.
·Give the Police any hold-up note received.
·Cooperate fully with the Police.

Whatever you do, remember that lives are much more important than any amount of money.