OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeople counters are finally in the reach of even the smallest retailer. Checkpoint’s VisiPlus people counters can either be a part of your Checkpoint EAS System or as a standalone option. Either way VisiPlus delivers huge people counting features for a very modest price.

VisiPlus people counting systems are installed by Checkpoint Technicians at your customer doors. This discrete, bi-directional device accurately counts the people entering and exiting your store. The VisiPlus people counter is attached to your high speed internet connection. Automatically each night VisiPlus reports the data to the Checkpoint Systems servers. Your people counting data is then processed and sent to you automatically in either a finished report format or as data which can be incorporated into your sales data.

VisiPlus People Counting

The people counting system data is broken out by hour of the day. This enables you to budget resources such as labor at the correct time of day and days of the week. The VisiPlus people counting system also tracks your Checkpoint EAS system activity thru Smart Alarm Management. Alarms and other system data is available for your review. Loss Prevention or management staff can compare EAS alarm activity with the store traffic counter to accurately manage EAS activity levels.

VisiPlus Overhead People CountingAnother option is the VisiPlus Overhead People Counting System. This store traffic counter can be utilized though out your store to:

  • Measure the performance of individual promotions and avoiding out of stock situations.
  • Expose the hours where staff and sales could be maximized.
  • A people counting system show the reality behind your sales figures.
  • Allow store operations to look for missed opportunities.
  • VisiPlus Overhead captures people flow data with thermal imaging, not video recording.


Understand your customers buying habits and maximize your floor space with a discreet store traffic counter. A people counter by Loss Prevention Systems is quick to install and operates quietly behind the scenes. The VisiPlus people counting system will help you increase sales and reduce expenses.

Visiplus store

LPSI can install and service your VisiPlus people counter anywhere in the United States. And Checkpoint VisiPlus people counters carry a one-year parts and labor warranty.

Don’t guess, VisiPlus people counting systems arm the retailer with information to make better decisions.

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