Library theft detection systems do not need to rely on integration into an electronic or digital check out system to be effective. These are systems that can run independently. This way, regardless of whether your library is highly digitized, or is still doing paper and stamp checkouts, you don’t have to sit idly by without any library theft prevention.

Since you can run Checkpoint systems on it’s own, you eliminate the expense of having to add more complicated total library integration. This is where the biggest cost savings occurs. Larger, or more well funded libraries might push the benefits of using technology that fully integrates library theft prevention with their inventory and asset tracking, as well as through the patron check in and check out process.

Even though these are all great and important features to have, they are not a necessity to be effective. Don’t let the size of your funding prevent your library from putting an end to missing magazines and resource materials.

It is easy to let the comparatively minimal investment in Checkpoint Systems work for you. It is one system to use, and one system to maintain. If there is ever damage or other issue with the library theft detection system, you do not risk the entire library operations shutting down in the process.

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