How does the VisiPlus People Counting system by Checkpoint Systems work?


VisiPlus People Counting is a bi-directional system that actively counts customers that enter

and exit your store. This system is only available for Checkpoint Evolve systems. The

hardware consists of the VisiPlus module that is integrated into the Electronic Article

Surveillance (E.A.S.) antennas that are located at the customer entrance and exit of your store.

The VisiPlus People Counting module is connected to the Evolve E.A.S. system board. The

system board is then connected to your local area network connection to access the internet.

Once our technician gets the hardware installed and the connection verified to the internet, the

account is then set up on the Checkpoint system’s servers. Data is sent automatically on a

nightly basis to the Checkpoint servers. The data is then complied and comes back to you,

the retailer, in one of two formats:

1. Complete Report

The complete report typically is formatted to be the finished product of all of the data that is


2. Raw Data

This raw data is created in a comma-delimited file that can be integrated into other data

that is collected form sales, payroll, and other related information.

These two types of reports are then automatically sent to you on a scheduled basis. Data is

bi-directional and is categorized by hour of the day and day of the week so that an

accurate picture of customer traffic is created. Many retailers do not utilize the customer

exit data; however, it is made available if you have the need to determine which entrances

or exits customers are using.

From a cost standpoint, VisiPlus is extremely cost effective to use. Loss Prevention

Systems charges you a low flat annual fee for each store that has the system. Additionally,

the fee covers the entire store location even if it has multiple entrances and exits.

If you would like to see samples of the VisiPlus reports, contact us for additional


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