Do you find that you get skeptical, as I do, when you get bombarded with offers for “Free” stuff? My wife and I once got a dog from an ad that said, “Puppy, free to good home”. Once we got to the residence to look at the puppy, we found out there was a catch the puppy was sick and on some very expensive medications. We didn’t have the money for this “free” puppy. I once saw an advertisement for a free check of my credit score, but when I got to the website I found I was going to have to put in a credit card number. It wasn’t going to bill me for the first month but it would if I didn’t cancel after the promo period, so it needed my credit card. That didn’t seem free any longer and I passed on the offer. As a retail owner or manager you are keenly aware of the costs associated with operating your business and one of those costs is shortage. Every time you lose something to theft your profit line takes a hit. Then you consider purchasing an electronic article surveillance (EAS) system but you don’t think you have the money for it. What is the bigger cost to you, losing products to theft or expenditures for Loss Prevention? Now what if I were to mention to you that there is a free offer for you with nothing to buy, no credit card information to enter, no hidden costs to think about? There is such an offer it is the Free Loss Prevention calculator.  


Now I know you are thinking to yourself, “I’ve heard of graphing calculators, business calculators and desktop calculators but what is a Free Loss Prevention Calculator?” The Loss Prevention Calculator is a tool that can be used by a retail store owner to determine how long it would take for a Checkpoint System to pay for itself. Now you are asking the inevitable follow-up question, “Can Loss Prevention Be Free?”  To which my answer is an emphatic, YES it can be FREE! The calculator allows a user to input estimated annual sales information, it has a built in estimated merchandise shrinkage amount of 1.2% and estimates a Checkpoint System can reduce a store’s shortage to .65%. The final entry allows the user to input how much money they would be willing to invest in an EAS system. As the final field is filled in the Loss Prevention Calculator calculates how much a system would cost per month AND how many months it would take for the system to pay for itself in shortage reduction. 


Can Loss Prevention Be Free? It can be when you consider how much you lose every single day to shoplifting. One of the things we like to do in Loss Prevention is to demonstrate how shortage is not a once a year number to be analyzed and forgotten about after inventory takes place. We take total inventory shortage losses and break them down to how much goes missing every day. When a manager realizes that shortage is a daily occurrence there is a new urgency to address it. The Free Loss Prevention Calculator shows that the installation of a Loss Prevention System can cut that amount by nearly half and it is not out of the question it could be more than that.  That savings in shrink over a number of months pays for the amount that is invested in the system. After it is paid for, the system then adds profit to the store with the continued impact on theft reduction.

There’s always a catch right? I mentioned my encounters with feeling like there was “hook” to free offers, so there must be one with the Free Loss Prevention Calculator. You’re sure someone is going to call after you use the tool trying to “sell” you something. You couldn’t be more wrong! The Loss Prevention Calculator can be used over and over again with different numbers to see what the best outcome would be for your budget. You can print a PDF document of the results and if you decide that the time is right for you to inquire further or actually invest in a Loss Prevention system, you initiate the contact. 

Can Loss Prevention be free? Yes it can by paying for itself over time. Is the Free Loss Prevention Calculator free? It is as well, requiring no registration, email or credit card to use it. What do you have to lose by checking it out? Nothing!


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