Are employee criminal background checks something that is really necessary? As a former Law Enforcement Officer I routinely came into contact with individuals that should not be allow to be loose in society with the good people. This included people that caused serious physical harm to the good people of our society that happened to become their victims. These people injured, killed, raped and stole, just to name a few. It quickly became evident to me that these people care ONLY about themselves. Most had no remorse even when caught.

I am a loss prevention professional with 30 years of experience including positions as a Director for several major businesses. I have personally investigated over 2300 employees for mainly employee theft. I found that many of these same people are in the labor pool that we as business managers and owners draw from.

These types of employees WILL steal from a business (and smile while they are doing it). The only remorse is that they were caught. This applies to all ages, sex, race, religion…. There is no magic group or age that is safer or better than another.

Add the fact that a number of different studies over the last 30 years conducted by different organizations conclude the same things: Around 20% of the work force has stolen from their employer. That’s 1 in 5 of the people in the work force today including the ones that work for you! Many people may not wish to believe this but it is an established FACT. Also please keep in mind that we are only talking about theft. It does not include other crimes.

So are criminal background checks necessary? They are not just necessary they are an absolute requirement, no excuses or compromise. Of course, if you do not mind wasting time, labor, money and losing your cash and merchandise then this does not apply to you.

By the way if you hire someone that has a past record of violence and they harm in any way another employee or customer you will be held liable. Saying I didn’t know does not hold water with both civil and criminal courts. Courts lean towards the fact that you should have conducted a criminal background check because this is normal business practice and they are readily available at low cost.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have been told by hundreds of business people something like “I know people, I don’t have people “like that” working for ME”. Those people are the ones that are really at risk as their ego out weighs their business sense. Remember…1 in 5!

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