A number of business owners believe that the Police will conduct employee fraud investigations. While this may be true in some situations. The fact is that most Police Departments are busy. Their caseload is overwhelming at best. As a former Police Officer I can tell you that most crimes reported do not get investigated. There is simply not enough resources to handle it all.

If you go to the Police with a mostly unsolved situation of employee fraud they will most likely take a report but in most situations nothing more will be done. Even if they do open an investigation the fact is that very few Detectives know how to investigate employee fraud and theft. That is one of the reasons why the retail industry has Loss Prevention Departments. LP professionals specialize in these investigations. Good LP investigators can conduct the normal employee fraud or theft investigation in a matter of a few days.

Once the facts and information are pulled together an LP investigator will interview the subjects with the goal of obtaining a written admission. After the necessary elements of the investigation come together a presentation can then be made to the Police or Prosecutor.