Economy Labels

Being a business owner, we try to cut costs when and where possible. Afterall, keeping profits high and losses low is a forever balancing act. In effort to maintain that balance and stop shoplifting, you bought an electronic article surveillance (EAS) system. Along the way you took advantage of a “fantastic deal” on cheap labels. Good intentions of saving money and that “fantastic deal” turned into low productivity and unexpected replacement costs.

Cheap Security Labels May Not Stop Shoplifting

When you compare labels you should consider a whole host of issues. All of these issues are listed below but they come down to two points: Quality and Price. Let’s see what contributes to these:

Technology- Genuine LPSI EAS labels have decades of science behind them. Cheap labels do not meet the same high standards.

Variety – Plain, barcode or even black in some types. We offer over 30 different styles, sizes and types of genuine LPSI EAS labels. Some of these are very specialized labels designed for unique products or situations.

Adhesive – This is a big one. Once a LPSI EAS Label is attached to a product, the adhesive sets up and after a short time the label becomes permanent. This is important to you because we do not want the adhesive to dry up and the label fall off or be easily peeled off. Specialized adhesives are used in our labels.

Quantity – All of Loss Prevention Systems Inc. (LPSI) labels are high performing while providing the best ROI and go through rigorous quality and control. We are proud to say that our labels are made in the USA.

Price – Genuine LPSI EAS labels are never going to be the cheapest on the market. But you will never find a better label. We have many customers that have tried the “cheap ones” and then come to us. Because when you buy cheap that’s what you get. Customers have told us that in many cases over 50% of the cheap labels they purchased, did not even work!

But consider this, do you really want to protect your merchandise with a substandard label? The whole reason you have an EAS System is to keep your money in YOUR pocket not the shoplifters. Why bother if the label falls off or doesn’t even work. If that’s what you are going to do, why even purchase a system?

If you are a serious retailer with serious shoplifting problems and want to fix your shoplifting problem once and for all, contact us. We will be happy to discuss your issues, recommend cost effective solutions and send you a FREE sample pack of genuine, factory fresh EAS Labels.

So you are all out of excuses! Go Sell More And Lose Less!