It happens every day. Shoplifters steal clothing from retail stores. How do you stop it? The solution is very simple. Achieve true clothing security by using a Checkpoint anti shoplifting system.

A tag is attached to the garment to be protected. This tag can only be removed by store personnel. The tag is then removed at the cash wrap and the customer proceeds on their way. You cannot achieve clothing security any easier than that.

Oh want more clothing security? Add an ink tag! Ink tags release a permanent dye if tampered with. The shoplifter really has to work on the item to get the ink tag to break and spread the ink so accidents are rare.

Still more? Drop a soft tag/label into a pocket! This gives you double coverage. This is anti shoplifting at it’s best.

Don’t let the shoplifters control your store. Take it back with anti shoplifting clothing security by Loss Prevention Systems and Checkpoint. 1.770.426.0547