Think of this, a shoplifter in your clothing area wants to steal a shirt. They conceal the shirt and leave. They get away and are not caught. Do you think they be back? Oh yeah!

Now consider this, when they get home (somewhere under a slimy rock) they take out their new shirt and discover a Checkpoint Chekink tag attached. OK now what do they do?

They will have to forcefully remove the clothing security tag. When they do, long before the tag is broken off the two vials of pressurized ink/dye break the brightly colored mixture spreads out on the shirt staining it forever. And because the vials are pressurized the ink does not just seep out.

But wait; let’s put the entire shirt and Chekink tag in the freezer. Once we freeze the tag we try to then force it off. Sorry, we thought of that. The ink/dye in the glass vials are made with a solution that has anti-freeze. Oops, still pressurized and still liquid. Think they will come back to shoplift from you again? Probably not but your competitor down the street….

What about accidents by your store personnel? Won’t we ruin some merchandise? A high amount of force is required to break the vials and normal use does not cause a problem. Hit them with a hammer and we may have an issue. This is a clothing security tag with an attitude. Oh and by the way they work with any checkpoint hard tag or by themselves!