Name: EVOLVE G30 also known as Style System

Manufacturer: Checkpoint Systems

Mall Red Low ResRetail Merchandise Application: Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)antenna system for any retail environment.

Details: The Evolve G30 is a clear Plexiglas system that has a low base and a very small footprint. The G30 or Style system is designed for a double door or 6’ aisle width. The cool thing about this system is not just its looks. The G30 can be upgraded to include the Checkpoint VisiPlus People Counting System. VisiPlus counts your retail traffic in and out of your store. Producing weekly reports.

EVOLVE G30’s have LED lights in red, blue or purple that can be off, alarm only or on all the time in one color and in alarm in another color. The G30 has optional colored baseplates to fit your stores look and feel.

Best of all The G30 comes with Checkpoints robust commercial construction, installation by Checkpoint factory technicians and a full one year parts and labor warranty. All of this at a price that is very reasonable. Checkpoint EAS Systems ARE the best systems available. That is why you see them in most major retailers in the US.

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