My checkpoint system alarm activates for no apparent reason


My checkpoint system alarm activates for no apparent reason.


If your checkpoint system is alarming for no apparent reason and it has not been activated by someone standing near it or someone entering or exiting the store, then the system is experiencing what is called a “phantom alarm”. Phantom alarms can be caused for two different reasons:

1: Environmental Instability

Any changes near the checkpoint system’s antennas can cause the alarm to activate. Have there been any electrical wiring changes throughout the store? Has a new electrical outlet been installed close to the system? Where there any significant additions or changes to a closed-circuit television system? Is your door in good condition or are the door handles rattling? All these things can be the cause of “phantom alarms”.

2: Merchandise Proximity

Merchandise tags or labels in close proximity to the system can cause the alarm to sound. Look at your merchandise displays. Have you moved a display too close to the system? Are there manikins in the area with garments containing a hard tag? Look around the base of the checkpoint system. Has a tag or a label been swept up next to the system or on to it? Any of these can cause an alarm. It is always best to keep any tag or label merchandise at least 4 feet away from any of the checkpoint system antennas.

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