Checkpoint security systems provide a very strong deterrent to all levels of shoplifters. This includes the impulse, amateur and professional shoplifters. But employee involvement is critical. Many times we install a Checkpoint security systems and the retailer feels that they have solved all their shoplifting problems. This is far from the truth.

Employees understand the basic operation of the Checkpoint security systems installed. The most common problem is that employees are not trained and held accountable for alarms when they occur.

In many cases the Checkpoint system will alarm and an employee will just wave the customer (or shoplifter) through. Even worse they will say the system is not working properly. Because of a lack of training or confidence the employee just told everyone in range that they can shoplift to their hearts content…. and will just be waved on.

Loss Prevention Systems provides on site training when we install our Checkpoint security systems. We also provide our customers with training documents that allow you to keep the training on going.

How often should you train and provide follow up training to your employees on the use of your Checkpoint security system? You decide. It depends on how much money you are willing to loose.