Nano Gate 02

Is your Casino plagued by key control breaches that cause you to have to rekey. Employees who accidentally take keys cause serious issues. The cost to rekey is an expense you can do without. So solve the problem once and for all.

By installing Checkpoint N10 at your employee entrance/exit you will eliminate these costly expenses. A Checkpoint N10 can be installed very easily by your staff. All it requires is a few simple tools and a nearby 110V outlet. There is no programming. You can add six D cell batteries for battery backup during power outages.

The only thing left to do is to put your keys on the Alpha Three Alarm CableLok. This unique device acts as the secured key ring. Keys cannot be removed or added without the special S3 Key. The cable is coated aircraft cable. If anyone attempts to cut the cable or tamper with the unit a built-in 95 dB sounder alarms. Nano Gate RF 05

However, there is more. If an employee goes through the Nano Gate with the 3 Alarm CableLok, the built-in sounder goes into alarm. It is loud enough that keys in a pocket or bag are noticed quickly.

This system was developed with commercial use in mind. It is a tough low maintenance system that will serve your needs for years.

But why stop there? Do you have any other property you want protected from removal? Any Alpha High Theft Solutions 3 Alarm product will work seamlessly with the Nano Gate.