After having noticed irregularities during an audit, the owner of a convenience store in the Metro Atlanta area contacted us indicating being suspicious of employees involved in lottery theft.

Where would you start when assigned a task like this? First we needed to gather additional information which the loss prevention investigator did with the use of two covert closed circuit TV cameras installed to view the cashiers’ area and the lottery machine. Video confirmed that the store manager, who had been employed for several years, was routinely stealing large quantities of lottery scratch off tickets.
Another employee would pocket the cash from cash sales after having given customers their change back from the register.
Once the loss prevention investigator had gathered this information, the convenience store manager could be interviewed. The Atlanta area convenience store manager admitted stealing lottery tickets totaling $111,150.00 and cash in the amount of $6,500.00. The store manager had a gambling problem and stealing lottery tickets satisfied that problem. The cash had been stolen to pay for some bills.
The second employee admitted to stealing approximately $3,400 in cash by ringing up sales and pocketing the cash. The loss prevention manager was able to obtain a confession from this second employee as well who admitted to stealing “spending money”. This employee also indicated knowledge of the manager’s lottery ticket activities. This individual who needed spending money had been employed for a year and a half at the convenience store.
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