Can Loss Prevention Be Free? There Is An ‘EAS’y Answer To The Question

What does a Loss Prevention Calculator do? Does it keep track of the payroll a store spends on Loss Prevention Staff? Does it help keep count of the amount of merchandise being stolen from your store? Does a Loss Prevention Calculator tabulate the costs of installing anti-theft equipment? Perhaps you have never even heard of such a device. Device is not really an accurate description as it is more like an application than hardware. It isn’t something that you will go into a store and purchase. It is an online tool. As a matter of fact after you use the calculator you will be asking the question, “Can Loss Prevention Be Free?”

I know you have to be wondering if this article is some type of spoof. How serious can someone be if they are raising the question, “Can Loss Prevention Be Free?” It makes no sense, a video camera system costs money. Certainly hiring a Loss Prevention Associate in ANY capacity is going to require a paycheck. So how does this proposal sound intelligible at all? To begin with what we are talking about is the return on investment that a Loss Prevention System is going to put back to your store in savings. No, you won’t be winning a raffle and getting free equipment and set-up. But what I can guarantee is you will make an investment that is going to start reducing inventory shortage caused by theft, fraud and even some operational errors from day one. A Loss Prevention System from Sensormatic with electronic article surveillance towers, tags and deactivation pads can conservatively reduce your shortage by 30%. How do I know this? Well, I think after more than 17 years in the retail loss prevention field as both an Associate and a Manager I am well-qualified to speak on the subject. I have worked with a variety of theft prevention strategies and have kept shrink below 1% consistently. One of my best and most successful tools was the use of a Sensormatic system with a heavy emphasis on merchandise tagging procedures.

However, I am fully aware that people are going to be somewhat skeptical. Short of taking a blind risk and installing some kind of theft prevention system purchased on the internet on the cheap (and possibly getting burned in the process) how can you verify what I am saying? Go to the Loss Prevention Systems Inc. website and look on the top of the page for the ROI Calculator. Click on here (go ahead, it’s free and no one is going to start filling your inbox with unwanted spam) and you will see the calculator with a couple of fields of information to complete. You will notice you are not asked for personal information or any email or business name. Fill in the two boxes and the result is an estimate of how long it will take for a new Sensormatic system to pay for itself through the return on investment. Change the information you enter as much as you like it’s FREE, remember?! The Loss Prevention Calculator can give a good idea of what you can save over time. 

Have I seen tangible evidence I can point to that a Loss Prevention System saved money for a store? I will give you a specific situation from a department store I worked for. We had a major shoplifting problem with a high end brand of shirts we sold. The shirts were displayed folded on a table display near a cash register. Despite the proximity to an employee the shirts were being stolen at an alarming rate. We finally started tagging the shirts with hard tags and the theft dropped significantly. The huge empty holes on the tables from stolen product of this brand began to fill back in and we again had product to sell. I saw the impact electronic article surveillance made in our store.  I really believe the Free Loss Prevention Calculator will give an accurate (if not understated) idea of the impact a retail loss prevention system would have in your store(s).

Can Loss Prevention be free?” Unequivocally yes it can be. It is not going to be free out of the box but you will have such an improvement in your inventory results that you will have no doubts. Calculate for yourself what theft, fraud and operational errors are costing you and look at the results of the ROI calculator. Then take time to calculate how you would use that savings to improve your business. The answers are a click away so what are you waiting for?


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