Sensormatic Security Labels

Advantages Of Using Sensormatic Security Labels Over Other Brands

     As a Loss Prevention Manager I often wondered whether there was any advantage for stores that used Sensormatic security labels versus the electronic article surveillance labels I was accustomed to using. I had used big tags when I first started out in the 1990’s in Loss Prevention and was pleased when those anti-theft labels got smaller but they were still bigger than the tags I saw competitor retailers using. The labels my peers were using were little rectangular plastic-looking contraptions but they were adhesive just like our labels. I knew some of the disadvantages of using the labels I was used to using. Size of the labels and issues with some materials causing false alarms at the towers were two of the big disadvantages. But what could the other product offer that would have been to the advantage of our store?

Sensormatic Security Labels

Sensormatic Security Labels Reduce Shoplifting

     I wasn’t in a position to influence change in the anti-theft tools our company was using. Those directions came far above my pay grade. I also don’t want to give the impression that the electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels we were using weren’t working. EAS is an effective deterrent to crime and is always better than nothing at all. But I will say there is a marked difference in how they perform. They both work but one is more reliable and has distinct advantages over the other. After learning more about Sensormatic security labels (and later using them with another retailer). I have to say, they are a significantly superior product if I had the choice between the two.

     One of the problems I encountered with the EAS systems I was used to using was that we experienced phantom alarms. There were many things that could create these false alarms. Foil gift wrap, tin foil rolls for cooking, even coiled cords on vacuum cleaners and power tools could set the alarm towers off. If you have any knowledge at all about EAS systems you know how annoying these can be to customers and employees. A shopper pays for their purchase and prepares to leave and they set off the alarm causing everyone nearby to stop and stare. Uggghhh, it is uncomfortable and can be embarrassing, I’ve been in that position. When an employee comes to check on the alarm it can take an extended amount of time trying to determine if there is unpaid merchandise or if the alarm is a phantom. I even had enough phantom alarms one time that I had to place a service call in that ended up being a waste of the technician’s time and a waste of store money.

     Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. (LPSI) is in the business of helping business owners combat retail theft and fraud. They recognize not only the importance of EAS to prevent shoplifting but that any system that is installed has to be reliable. Second-hand equipment, cut-rate systems and systems that are prone to false alarms can result in poor employee response when the towers are activated. Shoplifters see the workers go through the pretense of receipt and bag checks without being thorough. The crooks can tell which stores are attentive and which are lax and target the easier prey. LPSI makes a point of recommending the Sensormatic security systems and labels to their clientele. The equipment is reliable and so are the Sensormatic security labels that should be used with them.

     As I stated earlier, I have used several different name brands of EAS labels in my career and I have a very strong opinion about which I prefer. Sensormatic is my preferred vendor and I know if you give the equipment a try you would see for yourself why I am enthusiastic about them. I recommend you visit the LPSI website to find out how you can improve your profit line with a Sensormatic system.

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Loss Prevention Systems Inc. Partners with Tyco Retail Solutions

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Loss Prevention Systems Inc. Partners with Tyco Retail Solutions

Loss Prevention Systems Inc. to Provide Innovative LP and Inventory Solutions

Kennesaw, GA – August 24, 2018 – Loss Prevention Systems Inc. (LPSI) is proud to announce its Channel Partnership with Tyco Retail Solutions – a leading provider of analytics-based Loss Prevention, Inventory Intelligence and Traffic Insights for the retail industry.  Loss Prevention Systems Inc. has joined Tyco Retail Solutions’ GlobalPartnerEdge Channel Program focused on delivering the Sensormatic® Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and TrueVue Inventory Intelligence solutions to the North American market.

LPSI has the expertise to integrate new or existing loss prevention programs with techniques and tools for shrink management and inventory control by incorporating the latest EAS and RFID inventory solutions provided by Tyco Retail. Loss Prevention Systems Inc. has been working with small-to-medium size retailers for over 2 decades in providing loss prevention services including consulting, training and pre-employment background checks.

Bill Bregar, author and president of LPSI says, “Adding these tools to our services enables us to provide a complete retail loss prevention solution, and it’s great to be working with Tyco Retail.” This unique channel partnership allows us to combine the industry leading Sensormatic EAS solutions with our skills, experience and knowledge to deliver timely, accurate analytics and tools for small-to-medium size retailers to increase profits and reduce shrink. Bill also adds, “We have always believed that the average size retailer should have the same loss prevention protections as any major retailer. This protection includes, staff training, awareness and world class solutions and insights designed to protect retailers’ profits.”

“We are thrilled to have LPSI a part of our GlobalPartnerEdge Channel Partner Program and Eco-System” says David I. Green, Global Channels and Unified Commerce Leader. “The retail industry continues to transform.  The commitment to growing our market share through our channel partner community is steadfast. Channel Partners are essential in delivering our solutions within the physical retail supply chain; our capabilities combined with the Channel are limitless.”

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Sensormatic Hard Tags Aid In Organized Retail Crime Prevention Part 1

It is easy for retailers to focus efforts on how to stop shoplifting in their stores but as a retail owner did you know that there are two types of shoplifting?   Sensormatic hard tags will address both of these but it is important to understand the differences. There is the everyday variety or what may called the opportunist. There is the type of shoplifter who steals simply to earn money to support a drug habit or even to horde the merchandise (the kleptomaniac). Then there are the Organized Retail Crime (ORC) shoplifters. This is a different kind of shoplifter because it is not one person working alone it is a group with a leader(s) at the core. The group may do their own shoplifting or they may send others to do their stealing for them. To add another dimension to the ORC groups, when they do recruit others to steal for them it may be different people every time. Having worked as a retail Loss Prevention Associate and Manager for many years I can tell you that this makes catching these groups and stopping them extremely difficult. If catching them is going to be done it requires a coordinated effort between Loss Prevention teams and police. Where does this leave the independent retail store owner? You can’t afford a Loss Prevention team and you certainly shouldn’t be trying to apprehend a shoplifter let alone a group of shoplifters. Perhaps you don’t even think of it as a problem since this may be the first you are hearing of ORC.

stop shoplifting with  Sensormatic hard tagsLet me explain why the topic of ORC for this article came up in the first place. I came across an article on Fox Carolina, “Deputies: 3 arrested for organized retail theft in Anderson Co.”, by Savannah Sondov, Jul 19, 2018. The story tells of how the three had hired people to go into stores and steal merchandise for them. The group paid the shoplifters at a fraction of the merchandise retail value. The group then sold the merchandise at flea markets making a profit. The police recovered $121,997 in merchandise from the ring. The story reports that “retailers lost a combined $9-12 million over a five-year period due (to) the suspects buying from shoplifters.” That kind of theft means a LOT of retailers were victimized and there is no telling if the small retail stores were or were not victims as well as national chain stores. One thing is certain to me, in order to stop shoplifting by ORC’s or the everyday shoplifter stores must use Sensormatic hard tags on merchandise.

It is appropriate to discuss briefly how these tags can make an impact on theft. Sensormatic hard tags provide a deterrent against people who want to steal from your store. It makes no difference if you are attempted to put up a barrier to the opportunist shoplifters or to the crooks stealing to sell to an ORC group. One thing that the various shoplifters have in common is they don’t want to chance getting caught. These tags are designed to ensure a Sensormatic alarm pedestal will sound an alert in the event someone tries to waltz out of a store with tagged, unpaid merchandise. When shoplifters see these tags they tend to be reluctant to try to take the item. For your store it means you can effectively stop shoplifting of all types and that makes your operation more profitable.

There are going to be some readers who still don’t see Organized Retail Crime is that big a concern to them. One ORC group being caught does not appear to be reason enough to those readers to prompt them to purchase Sensormatic hard tags or the associated hardware. In part 2 of this article we will explore more about the impact of ORC on retailers and how Sensormatic can be an integral part of the success of your business.

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