Checkpoint has released a new, dynamic clothing security tag. Called the “3G Hard Tag With Super Lock”, this tag is a bi-color gray/white. 3G’s are similar in size to the standard mini-hard tag.

3G’s will solve several problems in the mini-hard tag arena. Knockoffs that are cheap imports have been made to look identical to the Checkpoint mini hard tag, Genuine Checkpoint mini hard tags have the Checkpoint logo. Most knockoffs have rough edges that snag and damage clothing. They also have poor locking clutches that do not function smoothly. This causes frustration at checkout. The 3G has a hole located near the clutch that will take a flex string. This is used to loop the flex string through larger items and allows you to use the tag more diverse situations.
The 3G clothing security tags by Checkpoint will require a Checkpoint super detacher, which means that shoplifters will not be able to remove them. Store personnel will place the 3G the same as any other hard tag. Using a pin place them on a seam, top rear of a shirt below the collar, eyelet of a shoe, etc. Use the same pins you already have.

An additional clothing security tag suggestion is to place a label such as a 410 barcode in a pocket in addition to the hard tag. This will double your security for a few pennies more.