Pre-employment screening is not simply a means of cutting down the amount of time it takes to wade through an applicant pool. Though it can be one benefit of the process, there are practical benefits from a Loss Prevention standpoint as well. Often employers will place job ads in various locations in order to fill positions, and they will get a large response to the ad. At first glance, this seems like it would be a good thing for the employer, but then the process of reviewing applications takes place and it becomes obvious that there are many that you would never want on the team. It may be the applications are not completely filled out or there are glaring omissions and gaps in employment. Then further review has to take place to find those people that look like they would be good to interview. Depending on how deep the application pool is this can be a tedious task. From a Loss Prevention point of view it can be a nightmare. Bill Bregar, CEO of Loss Prevention Systems Inc. wants to help stores establish a strong team of employees without concern over a risk of bringing criminals or poor performers on board. Employee background checks and pre-employment screening in addition to applicant management combine to make hiring easier and create a secure environment.


Loss Prevention Systems Inc. is now offering an applicant management center to employers. This new tool will aid owners and managers in the hiring process and reduce the paperwork normally associated with filling position vacancies. For example, LPSI offers background checks to employers to ensure there are no concerns about the applicant’s past. Getting authorization forms signed by applicants could be a pain in the neck in the past. With an applicant management system, LPSI can accomplish the task electronically and include an electronic mouse signature that captures an applicant’s authorization to conduct the search. Additionally, the new system allows background checks to be an automatic part of the hiring process. Applicants will give their consent electronically and the process will begin. The option for manual review and submission is still something that can be done; the choice is up to the prospective employer. The applicant management process will also allow you to create a variety of job positions for different work centers, and you can flag specific questions for applicants to assist in the streamlining of your pool. In other words, if you require specific talents or skills, you can have questions that must be answered in a certain way or the application will not be included for consideration. You can see the benefit that is derived from having a one-stop shop for an application and hiring process.


As a former Loss Prevention Manager, I like the benefits associated with an automatic pre-employment screening process in conjunction with flagging application questions. Questions I have seen for applicants have included, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?”, “Have you ever shoplifted?” or “Have you ever stolen from your employer?” Flagging these questions can help eliminate applicants who have answered yes and who would be a risk for you to add to your team. The background check can be conducted on the pool of applicants you are considering and if those results conflict with the answers provided in the questionnaire you can use the email support and conduct a further inquiry on the applicant. Having caught employees stealing who did not have employee background checks completed prior to bringing them on board, I know the negative impact those hires can have on a business. Automating this into your hiring process can save you a lot of money and prevent a lot of shortage in the long run.


Employee Background Checks are an important part of any employer’s hiring process to ensure the best qualified talent is brought on a team. Trying to manage all of the parts of the process of hiring can be challenging and time consuming. LPSI can simplify paperwork and conduct the thorough pre-employment screening for your applicants that will streamline your hiring process, so you can spend more time on other aspects of driving sales for your business.


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