With the increased push for consumers to buy from local dealers instead of the big boxes, many new retailers are seeing more and more foot traffic in their stores. I have no issue with shopping online, but I do enjoy going into the store to browse around and I usually end up buying more than I intended. One downside to that is that with more people in the store looking around, the easier it is to get distracted, and the easier it is to lose merchandise to thieves. Some business owners and managers then  make the mistake of the knee jerk reaction. They start making decisions that punish their honest customers, instead of looking into creative ways to prevent shoplifting, like utilizing retail anti theft devices.


I just drove past a new little store on my way back from taking my daughter to school. The lady opened up a “Bargains and Exchange” store about a month or so ago. I had been meaning to stop in there because there was a cute purse hanging in the window, but then I guess someone else bought it.  But today I saw a big hand written sign on the front door that read: NO LARGE BAGS ALLOWED INSIDE STORE. I just sighed and shook my head.  She’s started having the same trouble as the antique shop next door to her, or she’s just copying them. Either way, there are better and more customer friendly ways to prevent shoplifting. There are several different tools offered by Alpha security that can help deter theft, but none of them involve signs. 


Alpha security involves some versatile tools that can be used to protect almost anything you sell. I’ll just tell you about a couple of them. First of all, there is one of my favorites, the Alpha Spider Wrap. It is exactly what it sounds like: you wrap the cables around the item and snap the lock into place. The cables are super strong and they stretch around large items.  I’ve put them around 19” television boxes before. Once you click the lock into place, you can adjust and tighten the cables until there is not even room to get a sheet of paper under them. I have watched a thief try to take one off; it was very entertaining. If the customer does manage to damage one of the cables, the Alpha Spider Wrap will self alarm and alert the store staff. How cool is that? 


Another tool offered by Alpha security is the Alpha Cable Lock. In our area, one oddly popular item for thieves to go after is large bottles of name brand laundry detergent. They would load up with arms full, wait until the clerk got busy, and then run out the front door. Sometimes they would be seen, but many times it went completely unnoticed. So, we invested in Alpha Cable Locks. They are about the size of an actual large lock, but they are designed for protecting merchandise. They fit right around the handles of these detergent bottles, and they are nearly impossible to remove without the right tool. Those Alpha Cable Locks put a stop to the laundry liquid thefts immediately and we were very thankful. 


These are just a couple of examples of tools offered by Alpha Security.  Just think about what your store is losing and take a look at what they could do for you. 


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