High Theft Solutions Bottle Loks

How do you protect wine and spirits in a cost effective way with both labor considerations and high product turns? Although Checkpoint labels can be an effective strategy, a more aggressive and in the long run cost effective attack, is to use Alpha High Theft Solutions Bottle Loks.


Alpha invented the bottle lock and has perfected it. These commercial grade bottle solutions have gone through many enhancements over the years. The latest generations have combined high quality designs derived from Alpha’s R&D and listening to customer’s feedback.

We know because Loss Prevention Systems’ customers have helped Alpha by Beta testing. In one particular case a new really exciting lock was put to the test in two of our customers’ stores. However, that product was not brought to market in part because our customers found too many issues. As a result, Alpha’s Engineers literally went back to the drawing board.

Alpha is not afraid to try and fail. Then get right back up.

What does this mean to you? High quality bottle solutions used by some of the largest retailers in the world.new-bottlewrap-5864

Alpha’s bottle solutions are designed to be put on and removed with one hand. They are available in both RF and AM technologies. The low head clearance means that you will not have to rearrange your shelves to allow more top clearance.

But the real advantage is the level of security they provide. We have tested them in our company and each time the bottle shattered before the cap would come off. This was a very noisy and visible endeavor and we performed the test in our warehouse. It would be clearly noticed in a retail store.Steel Grip Makers <

Couple Alpha bottle solutions with a Checkpoint system at your door and you have just set up a line of defense for your merchandise. By the way, you can use the Checkpoint system to protect all your merchandise not just bottles. This allows your good customers to freely pick up, examine and walk around with your product. Your cashier simply removes the device with a special S3 key.EASy Guarde Bacardi EASy Guarde Ciroc

The really great news is that when the cashier removes the bottle lok, it is then reused over and over again. These things are meant to last!

Want the best for less? Contact us today for a quote on Alpha Bottle Solutions.