The skill set of a private sector Loss Prevention Investigator can be deployed in the retail sector or for that matter in any type of business. The skills acquired are unique but seamlessly and effortlessly cross over industries.

A Loss Prevention Investigator may handle employee theft or embezzlement cases as well as business fraud and vendor fraud issues – to name just a few.

Why pay for an investigator? Why wouldn’t you just call the police? Police Departments are notoriously understaffed in this area since violent crime always takes priority over other criminal matters. And with the budgetary constraints policy departments are also affected by having to cut staff.

A typical law enforcement investigator may be assigned upward of 25 cases a month. How many of those are going to get the attention they deserve. Yours case may just be added to the pile. If you do not submit a finished case that is wrapped up in a bow that is exactly what will happen. We are typically told that it will take three months up to one year before law enforcement may file any charges.

A private sector loss prevention investigator will typically do the work with higher quality and can be dedicated to that one investigation at a time. Again it is the difference between the public and private sector.

Should you possibly hire an off duty police officer? Again, the difference between the public and private sector is that not only will the lpi generally have a higher skill level but someone who is a lpi will also be a business person and not only a law enforcement officer. We understand business needs and are not only concerned with putting someone in jail.

Atlanta is a very dynamic city with a vast and diverse business community. Law enforcement in the metro are is stretched to the limit. Don’t let your case be put in “the pile”

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