As a Loss Prevention professional and a former Director of LP for several major businesses I found out pretty fast that if my only solution to shoplifting was apprehension that I would not be employed for long.

Why is this? Go back to the old saying: “Once the horse is out of the barn…” Prevention is always the solution in any anti shoplifting program. To get there we have to look at what is the most cost effective approach. Training, training and still more training. By training you and your employees you will deter shoplifting no mater which way you take in any anti shoplifting effort.

Retail theft as in the form of shoplifting will always be dependent on your ability to convince the shoplifter to go elsewhere. Training your employees in the art of using customer service as an anti shoplifting weapon is a cost effective approach. Shoplifters despise attention so let’s give them more than they can handle. Once an employee is trained to actually spot a shoplifter they can go into the customer service attack mode. Customer service them to death!

Of course people who are shoplifting are all different and come in many types. Training will help even the newest employee to become your retail theft weapon very quickly. Then once you have a core of people trained they can then train others.

What should make up a top shelf anti shoplifting training program? There should be amongst other topics training on: Identifying a person who is trying shoplifting in your store. How shoplifters steal, how to shut down the shoplifter and actually drive them crazy (that way they go some where else, maybe even your competitor) and apprehension (if it becomes necessary).

Train your staff and reinforce the training in a positive manner and you will see retail theft drop like a stone.

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