Hands down, Alpha Spider Wraps are one of the most effective, inexpensive methods you can use to prevent shoplifting. Throughout my career, I’ve not found a better solution to some of the most commonly stolen goods. The great thing about the Alpha Spider Wraps is that they can be used on just about any product, no matter how awkwardly shaped the packaging may be. Below are my picks for the top 5 hot items that you should be using these tags on:


  1. Game Consoles

Every kid (and some adults) can be huge “gamers”. This is a huge market and carrying the newest trend can mean dollar signs on your P+L. It’s difficult to lock these items in the back room, or behind a glass case, especially when your store is busy. You could be walking customers out the door if you can’t get to them quick enough. Alpha Spider Wraps provide you with an excellent level of protection, while keeping the product from growing legs!


 2. Game Controllers

With any game console, comes the need for a controller. Back when I was a kid and Sega was all the rage, one would get a controller with the purchase of a console. Guess the game companies realized how much extra money they could make by selling them separately. These are often packaged in a way that shows off the ergonomics of the controller and it’s important that the customer get to feel it, before they purchase. These tags make that very easy, all while allowing you to openly display the product without the added stress of shrink.


3. Drones

Have you been living under a rock the past 18 months? If not, you must know that this arena is taking off and flying high! As technology gets better and better, personal use drones are becoming increasingly popular. It seems that everyone wants their hands on a flying camera. Drones can also be quite pricey, depending on the platform. Alpha Spider Wraps make a great product protection solution if your goal is to make these easily accessible to your customers.


4. Streaming Devices

If the cable companies don’t react soon, they could be a distant memory of the past. Millions of Americans are ditching cable (and the accompanying contract) for streaming services. In order to tap into those services, you need a streaming device (thinks Apple TV, Roku..) With the rise in popularity of these items, you can bet that they are a hot target for thieves and an item you should look to secure in order to prevent shoplifting.


5. Pre-Paid Cell Phones

Whether you just want a cheap alternative to a cell phone, or you are running a multi-billion dollar drug cartel, pre-paid cell phones are a necessity. Now, obviously, running with Walter White, you probably aren’t paying for many items that you want. So to combat those pesky drug lords and prevent shoplifting, secure those burners with an Alpha Spider Wrap… and maybe call the DEA.


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