Amazing Value When Sensormatic Security Products Are Purchased From LPSI

When someone mentions Sensormatic security products what do you think of? Do you think of shoplifting prevention? Maybe you think of security towers, hard tags or security labels? Yes, all of these are included in the package but I would like to challenge you to think a little differently about it, I would like you to think about VALUE! If you purchase a Sensormatic system from Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. (LPSI), you not only get a top-of-the-line electronic article surveillance system that will prevent and deter criminals you benefit in other ways as well.

Sensormatic Security Products PLUS So Much More!

Sensormatic Security ProductsLPSI is an industry leader in consulting with retailers to help improve profits through theft and shortage reduction. With a focus on small and medium size stores, they tailor their consultations to the need of the specific business there is no one-size fits all mold for them. They do recommend Sensormatic security products to all of their clients as a sensible way to reduce a significant amount of losses but that is not their primary focus. They want stores to be successful and so they don’t sell a system without providing free training to go along with a system (even a system upgrade).

What good is it to purchase tags and pedestals from a cut-rate website without knowing that there are best practices to tagging merchandise? Whether your store specializes in clothing sales, hardware or even wine and spirit sales there are electronic article surveillance tags available to protect any item. Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. will take the time to train you and your team on the most effective tagging methods when you purchase a system through their company. By the way, training is not a one-time deal. If you need more training on your system or shoplifting program within a reasonable amount of time they will provide it.  They base their success on how successful your business is.

Were you aware that there are right and wrong ways to respond to electronic article surveillance alarms? Do it incorrectly and it can lead to an unnecessary confrontation. Make a false accusation and it can lead to a lawsuit. Respond to a Sensormatic alarm in the right way and it can result in recovered merchandise for the store. How do you learn to do this? Purchase a system through LPSI and you receive this training free because they know that just owning a system is not the same as understanding the system. It is kind of like buying a car without knowing how to drive. You might get in and start it but eventually you are going to run into trouble because you don’t have all of the knowledge you need to drive properly.

Support From Experts in Shoplifting Prevention

The purchase of Sensormatic security products from LPSI also means you get the support you need if you have a problem with your system. Have you ever bought something and had it break down or you had a question about it and could never get through to tech. support? I have and it can be infuriating. LPSI wants their clients to know they are not going to be working with a fly-by-might company. If you decide to purchase a standard Sensormatic system from them you get a one year warranty on your investment. Let’s face it any equipment is eventually going to need some type of maintenance service.  LPSI provides support for your Sensormatic system.

Value in a product or service should mean something when a company says that they offer value to their customers. If I am a store owner I want value and the one thing I can purchase that is going to add value to my store is Sensormatic security products purchased from LPSI. I get a first-class product with more add-on value than I would be able to find anywhere else. Why should you trust me on this? Because I have 28+ years in retail and 17 years in retail Loss Prevention experience and I will stake my reputation on it.

Sensormatic security systems are important and we can help you with it. Call 1.770.426.0547 and let’s talk.

Customer Service And Electronic Article Surveillance Tags – A Winning Solution To Stop Shoplifting

I have been in retail a LONG time and somewhere around 18 of those years were spent in Loss Prevention. Today I still work in retail but I have the opportunity to continue to ply my Loss Prevention skills in recommending to my manager items I think should have electronic article surveillance tags on them. Better yet is when I get to use my experience to stop shoplifting in the store. I had just such an opportunity recently while I was working. I will share the story with you in a moment and there will be pertinent tips you can employ in your own store to put a halt to theft. Before I do that I want to point out that the situation could have been avoided if the store used more electronic article surveillance (EAS) devices on products than what the company currently dictates.

Electronic Article Surveillance is a system that uses radio frequency (rf) emitting tags and rf receivers called pedestals or towers to protect merchandise from theft. Pedestals are placed at the entrances and exits of stores in order to detect a person trying to leave with unpaid, TAGGED products. These are electronic article surveillance tagsI emphasize tagged because without a protective device an item can’t be detected and this is how so many stores experience climbing shortage. Let me clarify that statement too. Retailers that have electronic article surveillance systems that are not maintained, of poor quality or do not have a strong tagging program in place also experience increased shortage. When the tagged products are carried into the range of the pedestals the pedestals have an alarm that blasts out an alert and nearby employees respond to conduct receipt and package checks. The more a store tags the more effective the deterrence value of the system. Electronic Article Surveillance Tags

Getting back to my recent incident, I was walking to the store from my vehicle and a manager was returning from his lunch break and stopped me. He pointed out a pick-up truck that had two males sitting in it and the manager said they had been there for a while and he had watched a female leave and enter the store. The manager said that he had called the store manager and alerted him. I got into the store and got clocked in and immediately went to the floor and began offering customer service to the female suspect. I also looked into the shopping basket and noted several items in it and that none of them had EAS tags (electronic article surveillance tags) on them. Well, I offered service and would leave the immediate area and a manager would start to watch. It took a few minutes but one of the men from the truck entered the store. The man and woman met up and were still being watched by managers but I was getting tired of the cat and mouse game. The female had enough small items that it would have been easy for her to conceal some in her purse if he had blocked for her. Without electronic article surveillance tags the alarms wouldn’t sound when they left and that would prevent an excuse for a bag check. I walked into the aisle with the couple, put on my best salesman smile and offered additional assistance. I even offered to ring them up on my mobile device. Oddly, they began saying they were uncomfortable with all of the attention and felt like they were being watched! The man even said he felt I was being pushy to ring their transaction. I smiled and let them know that one of my faults was I have been a pushy salesman for my 7 years at this company. The woman said she would put the items back and leave because she was so uncomfortable. I let her know she didn’t need to go to the trouble and I took the basket and assured her I would put the items back for her. The couple left and the three of them jumped back in the truck and left. We saved over $200.00 in merchandise through employee awareness and great customer service.

Customer service is a great way to increase sales and decrease theft but it should never be the only theft prevention measure. Use EAS tags on everything and rely on Loss Prevention Systems Inc. EAS systems for reliable technology and support. 

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2011 Retail Theft And Shrinkage Preliminary Numbers Just Released!

The gold standard in the loss prevention world is the National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) by Dr. Richard C. Hollinger PhD at the University of Florida Department of Sociology, Criminology and Law. This study has been conducted for the last 20 plus years. The 2011 sources of shrinkage break down as follows (note that the preliminary percentages do not total 100 percent): • Employee Theft – 43.9% • Shop Lifting – 35.7% • Administrative Error – 12% • Vendor Fraud – 5% • Unknown – 5.5 % Clearly our biggest exposure continues to be employee theft. Almost half of a retailer’s losses are caused by employees that steal from you. When you combine employee theft and shoplifting, almost 80% of our losses are due to both internal and external theft. As a retailer you cannot be passive about your anti-theft program, policies and procedures. You must be pro-active. Yes, cameras, Checkpoint systems and burglar alarm systems are critical. They are your base infrastructure. However, simply installing equipment, then patting yourself on the back because you feel the issues are solved, is a false sense of security. Theft has to be addressed daily. It needs to be on your mind and your staff’s mind all the time. How do you react to a Checkpoint system alarm? Does your staff simply waive the customer on? How is your merchandise arranged? Are your high theft items in locations that can be monitored easily? Are you and your staff trained in loss prevention techniques? You want to get some of that 80 percent back to your bottom line? Contact us today or call 1-770-426-0547!